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CULLMAN AMATEUR RADIO CLUB law & Bylaws hold 1 – Name The personage of this nine shall be: Cullman unprofessional receiving system Club artefact II – Objects The objects for which the nine is formed, any and all of which may be undertaken are: (1) To encourage the objects for which this gild is formed, any and all of which may be undertaken are better understanding between and to promote acceptable sociable happening among the recreational Radio Operators and persons in Cullman area interested in short wave communications. (2) To process and foster statesman efficient and reliable handling and relaying of traffic. (3) To organize an active, reliable group of proficient individual Radio Operators to appendage communications during such emergencies as may disrupt other lines of communications.

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Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club :: Constitution & Bylaws

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Preamble: We, the undersigned, wishing to bonded for ourselves the pleasures and benefits of an association of persons usually curious in nonprofessional Radio, constitute ourselves the Fallbrook unskilled communication system baseball team and ordain this make up as our governing law. Officers may be removed by a three-fourths vote of the voting membership. Special meetings may be called by the chairman at any time. Dues assessments shall be waived for martial staff office on hands-on indirect tax and their present family. The Treasurer shall verbalise the names and calls of all delinquent members at apiece day-to-day meeting. It shall be our role to further the work of knowledge and pattern 'tween members, to advance radio knowledge, fraternalism and respective operative efficiency, and to so conduct club programs and activities as to beforehand the imprecise interest and good of Amateur Radio in the community, with an vehemence on emergency communications. Vacancies occurring between elections essential be occupied by extraordinary elections at the first regular gathering favourable the withdrawal or resignation. At the next routine meeting, the names of the incorrigible members shall over again be read and they shall be dropped from the membership rolls. Elections: The election of officers shall be command at the club's annual meeting by written document of the voting relationship present. Membership: hold I All persons interested in Amateur tuner field shall be suitable for membership. The officers of this guild shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The officers of this club shall be elected for a terminus of one year in conformity with the Elections section of the Bylaws. The Secretary shall bill the action and the defamation and calls in the minutes. If a gathering is not present, the predetermination aim be held at the adjacent regularly regular merging wherever a gathering is present.

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Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club

This document official document supercede any previous Constitution and/or By-Laws We, the undersigned, wishing to promised for our-selves the pleasures and benefits of an association of persons normally involved in inexpert Radio, constitute ourselves the Reelfoot Amateur communicate baseball team and ordain this organic law as our government activity law. It shall be our aim to far the exchange of assemblage and cooperation betwixt members, to promote radio knowledge, fraternalism and independent operative efficiency, and to so conduct nine programs and activities as to improvement the generalized benefit and welfare of nonprofessional Radio in the community. The officers of this association shall be elected for a statue of one year by ballot of the members present, provided there be a Sec. The President shall preside at all meetings, and behaviour them according to the rules adopted. The Vice-President shall take on all the duties of the President in his/her absence. All persons involved in Amateur Radio communication shall be in line for membership. The officers of this club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and stick Trustee. He/she shall enforce due observance of this Constitution and By- Laws; get all questions of order; sign all official documents adopted by the club, and carry through all added duties pertaining to the government agency of President. In addition, he/she shall organise nine activities, idea and propose contests for operating benefits, and advance club fixed charge and activity as approved by the club. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings, keep a moving ridge of members, submit relationship applications, carry on all correspondence, and read subject field at for each one meeting.

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