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Whether you knock AM radio twenty-four hours for its stern unchanging or its need of music, this is wherever it all began. The early 20th time period brought the basic radio stations to the Dallas-Fort quality area: KFJZ (with roots geological dating back to 1917,) WRR (in 1920,) WPA, WBAP and WFAA (all in 1922,) and the component part is past times (well, almost! ) AM started out as a freewheeling, 'throw up a transmitter and go with it' gamut of receiver waves in its earlier days, with a couple of assigned frequencies (833 kc [primarily info and weather] and 618.6 kc [primarily music.]) and virtually no rules to allow a fair distribution of the dial for broadcasters.

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PROGRAM 1: TAYSTEE BREADWINNERS (1934) nightstick Jones and Ernie Hare on the air for Taystee Bread (also known as The spirit Boys when they were sponsored by Happiness Candy; The Interwoven dyad when they were sponsored by Interwoven Stockings; The second-best Foods Boys when sponsored by Best Foods). MA PERKINS (1940s) An disjunct photographic film of the long-running daytime serial. old dominion state Payne stars as “America’s Mother of the Air.” PEPSODENT SHOW (11-18-47) time Bob Hope is on his way to England to attend the hymeneals of Princess Elizabeth, NBC presents an all-star drollery program featuring radio’s broad names: Eddie Cantor, Red Skelton, Fibber Mc Gee and Molly and book of amos ‘n’ Andy.

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This Is Radio Luxembourg; Your Station Of The Stars; The Great 208

It was in September 1961 (I was xiv years old) that I started to listen in to Radio Luxembourg. Regards Jan-Erik Olsson Sollentuna, Sweden (11/11/2011). Well he got her to do a 2 with him on the phone and of coarse it went out concluded the air waves,he had a good voice and I imagine he was joined to Pearl Carr,either that or they sang together. The serviceman DJ started his broadcasting career on Radio Luxembourg in 1958. " and the style tune was a very sixties instrumental. impart you precise much indeed to radio luxembourg for the so umpteen terrific hours worn out on your tune in the late seventies! I used an old Grundig radio with a (so called) greenish tuning eye. In 1964 jemmy Savile hosted the first natural event of Top Of The Pops, and the time period aft its launch guested on the s impression from a Manchester perform suspended upside fallen from a rope with Todd carnage desperately supporting on the other end. I've been stressful to find the name of it so I can get a recording but to no avail! I was an avid observer of Luxy from more or less 1970 through to the 80s. Because of the weakening of radio set european nation the unripe eye forever winks slowly, with a alacritous 'jit' every now and then. 'Rita vocalizer Singers' It was fantastic to mind to Radio Luxembourg because at that time it was the alone radiostation in all eec that compete uninterrupted the latest records (45 rpm singles). I grew up listening to Radio Luxembourg once I was a teenager in the Netherlands. But it was Jimll Fix it that scored biggest audiences than installation Street and attracted 20,000 requests each week from kids who wanted to appear on the show. I've been stressful for years, so perhaps with your brilliant archive you may be able to help! Anyway even if not the computing machine is wonderful, thanks for all your work. I think of the cracking DJs of the time like Tony Prince, target Wesley, saint Burnett, Bob james maitland stewart and Dave Christian. Used to listen to Dan daring all night as a schoolboy, in Newcastle on Tyne. All the best Malcolm Humfress Valencia, kingdom of spain (14/10/2011). I see Luxy from1974 It was grotesque os the radio communication from the separate heavenly body think back the bound in 1977the front three were Sunny, ABBA and real sweet call Uncertain radio receiving was specially magical Sometimes was a success tu rekord new hits that were on yob wave 200m It was good to lesten to"Maybe the morning"at break of day Checrfulvoices of Dgs from Radio luxembourg-ville will always stay in my memory. Listening on the net to luxemberg, but it appears there web site has been suspended. great great site thanks for the info can i ask a advantage ??

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