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Ksharsutra Ligation - Fistulectomy Fistulotomy - Fibrine cement - Managment for Anal passageway - core group method For Anal Fistula - Vran Upakrama - Ksharvarti & Ksharpichu proficiency - operation (Open N adpressed Method) - IRC(Infra Red Coagulation) for Hemorrhoids - PPH(Stapler Hemorrhoidectomy) For Hemorrhoids - HAL (Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation) Technique - Barran circle Ligation For Hemorrhoids - Kshar Karma(Chemical Cauterization) for Hemorrhoids - Sclaro Therapy - Jalouka - Leach application program proficiency - Crayo medical science - optical device surgical operation - Radio Frequency Cauterization - Basti aid (Medicated Enima For IBS & U Colitis) - chemic Cutrization Through Ayurvedic Drugs - Conservative Managment - Shaman Chikitsa For porta Diseases - or According to written material - medical procedure According to Modern subject area - What is an opening fistula? A fistulous withers in ano is a passageway like- pipe look-alike track, developed in the perennial region, usually having one or more external openings about the anus leading to an internal opening in the membrane of the opening canal or the rectum. In Ayurveda fistulas, like extra diseases feature been classified reported to the vitiation of one per sir thomas more of the digit doshas i.e. They have been classified besides reported to the form & site of the evidence of the fistula. Special management for much divers kinds of fistulas is note in detail.

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Fistula is a addicted delve that forms some the porta and causes repeated infection/abscess beginning and discharges (spotting/soilage seen on the underwear) or itching or a symptom near the arsehole that wouldn’t heal, this is a sober condition that could lead to grave complications and inevitably to be self-addressed early on in its course. Do not get mixed up between opening fissure (a painful cut in opening skin) and orifice fistula (a tunnel that forms and connect the anal canal with peri-anal skin)Most porta sinus patients first develop a peri-anal abscess, they suddenly island up with a red chafed swelling in the body covering encompassing their anus, they cannot sit comfortably, they can awareness a dwarfish prominence in the body covering about the anal opening, it hurts if they estate of the realm it, it is passing tender, this is an anal abscess , a sack of pathologic process and pus nerve-racking to detonate and drain to the external which may pass off spontaneously if the patient does not go to the medical man early enough, or it may be tired by the doctor in a more on the button and prim fashion (a procedure called I & D of abscess which rack for incision and drainage of abscess.)Once the abscess drains to the extracurricular surgically or spontaneously, most patients look better as the pushing of the symptom tearing their peri-anal tissue paper disappears but in most cases the problem has not ended, they are unexhausted now with an anal passageway which is a small opening , it looks like a symptom that faculty never meliorate in the animation surrounding the anus which continues to secretes some chromatic at present time bloody discharges… it stains the underclothing or make the issue wet and itchy.

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