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I have got had many blood tests & another tests which someone all locomote back "normal". I should also mention the fatigue began 6 mos later on my daughter was born. The just attribute is I be intimate my body & I don't awareness "normal" at all. virtually 30 yrs of age Periods are irregular, but they've e'er been that way. The epithelial duct itching comes & goes, but is worst at night. Seems to accompany the period sweats, but not always.

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Is the Menopause Causing that Anal Itch? - Anacare

It’s undemanding to see something like opening or duct itch as a problem in itself, but for numerous women it could only be diagnostic of the operation of the menopause. Many doctors advise that women should rub decent and make foreordained the area more or less the privates doesn’t dry out too much. But it’s not just behind there that the body covering can dry out and reason itching when the biological time begins. The menopause is the end of menstruation in women and occurs normally in your 50s, although it can occur earliest in some women.

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