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Unpleasant though they may be, dog anal glands live for a reason. These grape-sized ducts, placed on either side of a dog’s anus, secrete a smelly, smarmy substance that lead to more cozy bowel movements. How to manually impart dog anal glands If your dog does not regularly secrete from the anal glands during gut movements, the glands can prettify impacted, infected, and even ruptured. At the very least, the pressure buildup is tough for dogs.

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Anal Glands — Why Dogs Have Them & What To Do When They're A Problem

Unfortunately dozens of dogs get problems with their orifice glands. Some anal gland impactions get so bad that they become septic and rupture, feat symptom for the dog, and quite a a awful fix for their folk (as good as the costs related to with having the infection and abscess treated). So if orifice glands are such a pain in the butt — some literally and figuratively — why do dogs person them and what can you do to help your dog if they undergo from daily porta secretor problems?

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