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The cardinal asiatic Shepherd Dog is a multi-purpose impermanent dog inborn to Russia and the once Soviet Republics of Central Asia. The breed is used for a number of purposes including eutherian mammal protection, dog fighting, personal and geographical area protection, companionship, and military work. The bicentric Asian man of the cloth Dog is one of the most popular with breeds in its region of origin, although it remains quite rare elsewhere.

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At shows they say a dog can not wound - No way, he will be disqualified! Who don't rightful want a big dog, but the rough, the hard and the autonomous part of a employed dog. Well, at dog shows - you can not blame the dog because the dog id on cause else's territory, but when you come through into the house where he lives - when you footstep inside and go in to wipe your feet on the carpet, past on the dog and proudly marshes forthwith across the courtyard to the entrance of the dwelling itself, you start out to unconsciously think:" Thank GOD he at smallest doesn't bring down you slippers". A dog who intent transmute a nanny to anyone entering the yard! Not for any of the sincere volkodav people in the breed. some years ago I was surprised that's a contradiction in terms in the parentage world: faithfulness to strangers is becoming many and more usual for the breed. No one cares some the quality anymore, in this ring, only the cover matters. All you have to do is to brag about how many countries this dog won his variation shows and how big he is. And even more than rum once people sustenance dozens of females together with mountain of males, in one pack, on one property...

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Central Asian SHEPHERD-Ovcharka-ALABAI-Alabay

Is transmutation its reputation in Europe and America as one of the best native guardian dogs. This massive and powerful dog of above average degree has a abide wrought head, a harmoniously stacked organic structure with a large chest and broad back, canopied in a thick and elastic, endless or shorter coat that can be one of many colors. The eyes of the Central Asian reverend are deeply set, darkening and alert, the nose is big, and its ears and tail are usually docked very short (click for video).

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