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In asiatic culture, you are acknowledged to parcelling your happiness with others. If thing worth celebrating happens in your life, you will want to share the joy with your friends and family. in that location are several frequent events that are loosely celebrated with such meals. This tradition is very similar to the hesperian ceremonial occasion reception, but normally without the wedding ceremony first.

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Bridewealth | marriage custom | Britannica.com

Bridewealth, also called bride-price or marital status payment, payment made by a educate or his kin to the kin of the bride in order to formalize a marriage. In much cultures, a union is not reckoned to have complete until the return of bridewealth has been acknowledged, signifying divorce. The payment of bridewealth is most often a matter of friendly and sign as cured as economical reciprocity, being object of a long series of exchanges 'tween the two intermarrying families.

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