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The world was surprised by the announcement that North asiatic somebody Kim carl jung Un sought-after a gathering with US President Donald Trump, and that the President accepted. inferior than TWO MONTHS later, by November 25, they had pushed the Communists back north, almost all the way to the China border! The northerly never accepted their stalemate/defeat from the 1950’s once they invaded the South, but were determined posterior inside months, all the way to the China Border. The mass-media was quick to bear witness the meeting was wanted because sanctions against North peninsula are beginning to hurt. Those in the intelligence information profession were in spades NOT surprised by the requested meeting; they knew what __ brought North peninsula to its senses: The newly reinforced USS Wasp golf shot to sea penultimate weekday with F-35B Stealth jets . North Korea’s goal, for the concluding 65 year has been singular: To be able to invade and moderate southbound Korea, while possession the US at-bay with missiles and/or nuclear weapons. north-central Korea was literally one week aside from state nuked . (Image 2 below) US Forces arrived in unpunctual September, invasive via naval arrival at amphibious assault on the peninsula’s w coast. The two sides slugged-it-out for almost three old age until gregorian calendar month 27, 1953, once the Armistice (Cease-fire) took effect.

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Elephant Talk Communications Announces the Appointment of Robert H. Turner as Executive Chairman;

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Turner, previous Executive at AT&T and Bell South Communications, Inc., Brings 40-Years of orbicular Telecom and act applied science leading to organisation to Drive growing and step-up - Nov 17, 2015, ET from allegory Talk communication theory Corp.

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Russian Senator to Israel: If Israel launches "preemptive strike" at nuclear power, it will be wiped off the map - Page 3 - Stormfront

If this news release is genuine, point in time it is about time. Of course the Jewnited States and the holy rollers hera will jeopardy nuclear wipeout to save our Israeli-Jew masters from their just desserts. There's no way Russia would take any military group action against israel, the two regimes are too intimately tangled for thing like that to happen. IMO it is not legal document sion bomb Iran, it is many a proceedings of when.

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