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Q: My woman normally gets up to pee later on we have got sex, but the past few times she hasn’t. A: regret not – your girlfriend’s room break has aught to do with getting pregnant. Sexual congress is one of the biggest risk factors for women developing a body waste tract infection (“UTI,” “bladder infection”). The urethra, which is the pipe that connects the sac to the outside of the body, is right next to the vaginal opening.

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Here's Why You Keep Peeing Your Pants—and What to Do About It | Women's Health

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Ever feel a little bit of pee bloomer out once you didn’t drawing on it? No need to blush—it happens to millions of women, and not retributive the ones in your grandma’s bridge circle. A late papers published in the journal excreta excreting generally falls into two categories: urge incontinence, which means your vesica amply empties earlier you’re safely over the toilet, and stress incontinence, which commonly involves a flyspeck add up of urine that leaks once pressure is practical to your bladder.

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Girlfriend Peeing Problem: Men's Health.com

Spoiler alert, Cory: piss is one of the least gross things we do. Add in our plucking, waxing, and self-tanning, and you may think double approximately sharing a privy (or bed) with a woman ever again. Once you peek butt the furnishings of womanly mystique, it's delicate to forget some of the thing we do.

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