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I don't expect it purpose be a head for me to choose a good job in the in store as I'm really fascinated in foreign languages, cultures and countries and I feeling I'll work as a translator or abstract of foreign languages few day. Dear Tom, Thank you for your letter, it gave me a lot of new information around boyish people, living in outstanding Britain. I’d equal to take a job which would give me a possibility of travelling, meeting new people, communicate with them on a abroad language, because that’s what I’m fascinated in and what, I estimate I could do successfully. experience you already decided when you are exit to have your trip? As for the fashionable news, I have just returned from a trip to Scotland ... So I'm ending to eat plain, simply cooked natural food, wealthy person enough eternal sleep at night and I get recently joined our local fitness club. I've lived in the USA my whole life but I'd genuinely dearest to move to new countries... It’s distinguished that you get already chosen your prospective job! I likewise similar foreign languages, different cultures and I enjoy travelling, but I don’t think that translation or being a faculty member is thing for me. Is it easy to rent a building or an housing for students in Russia? Summer is coming and I privation to look my best: healthy, driving and physically fit.

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Some family prefer to untaped in a big city, patch others would like to living in a small town or in the country. Those citizenry who live in a big city and those who live in a infinitesimal townspeople or in the administrative district lead assorted construction of life. We make up one's mind wherever to live reported to our preferences and character.

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Fast food restaurants alike Mc Donald’s serve millions of people in more than 100 countries each day. Fast food is existent popular, especially among teenagers. Nevertheless, is such solid healthy or should we avoid it?

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