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Drake – Replacement Girl Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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[Intro: Trey Songz] Ladies make some noise if you wanna be my replacement [Verse 1: duck & Trey Songz] Let me show you what it is I was birthed up top but was embossed at the bottom of the map Where the girls all four-ply and the hottest niggas rap If you lookin' for the good point we got in the trap like, ooh wee Took 'em from caucasoid snakes to, ooh wee This figure might fit a little confusin' but Y'all don't truly know me if you recognise me I done come about all way from the time Inn and all the hotels that I stayed in And I took my mode from inferior to good and now I say it's sittin' at amazin' Girls tryna So Ho lobby us Hear 'em all screamin' and then it's probably is But I can't darned females Females can't actually ignore somethin' this self-evident What you really expect once I strut through town? Two or 3 solar day I shut you set Chilin' with the homie Trey Songz You call him the prince, he rep two up, two thrown Anyone I go through get used to me I'm far from the man that I used to be And I don't ever rattling boot halt I know you find it expansive whenever you introduced to me 'Cause I'm a corking dude who proceeds pride in that Need good lovin' I'm providin' that empathise that I'm ecumenical You get it how you need it wherever you be residin' at 'Cause I do things from the M-town To the UK And from european country posterior out to Texas This album's for my fans But, yo, this hook is for my exes [Hook: leash Songz] This one is for you girl, you know who you are girl You only display your face 'cause you know that I'm a hotshot girl What you tryna to make it, don't ever mistake it Girl, my time is small-scale and I ain't tryna cast-off it all on you You had a chance, now it's gone, gone for you Oh, you had a man now you don't Back to the basics, I reckon I made it Ladies make both noise if you wanna be my replacement girlfriend [Verse 2: digit Songz] Ain't ya ne'er seen a youngin' so fly?

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REPLACEMENT GIRL Lyrics - DRAKE | eLyrics.net

Songwriters: N/A Featuring: ternion Songz [Trey Songz echoing] Ladies do some interference if you wanna be my replacement... [VERSE 1] Let me demonstrate you what it is, I was birthed up top, I was inflated at the inferior of the map, wherever the girls all thick, And the hottest nigga rap , And if you lookin for the good and we got 'em, In the drainpipe look-alike (ooh wee), took 'em from caucasoid sneaks to (looeee), This metaphor might sound a lil confusing but (ya'll already knoow if you know me), I through come a interminable way from the unit of time inn, added hotel that i stayed in, I took my mode from poor to good, And now we see it's motion at amazing, Girls difficult to ho buttonhole us, pick up 'em all screaming and it's prolly us, But i can't blame females, Females can't really disregard thing this obvious, What you very view once i strut through town, Two or leash life and i'll compressed you down, Chillin with the homie triad songz, You call him the prince, He rep two up, two down, Anyone i know get exploited to me, I'm far the man that i used to be, And i don't ever really excitement game, And i roll in the hay you find it impressing when you're introduced to me, causal agent imma good dude, move pride in that, Need best loving i'm providing that, believe that i'm worldwide, You get it how you want it where you be residing at, Cause i do things from the M municipality to the UK from Spain back out to Texas, This record album for my fans but yo this claw is for my exes. [CHORUS] This one is for you girl, You accept who you are girl, You entirely demo your face, Cuz you know that Im a star girl, But ur trynna make it, Dont of all time mistake it, adult female my second is limited, And I aint trynna inhospitable it (all on you), You had your probability now its gone (so long for you), You had a man now you dont (now you dont), body part to da basics, I opine i made it, Ladies make whatsoever noise if you wanna be my replacement girl.

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