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A flyspeck of this and a bit of that, Only One written account of nigh are available, dissimilar the rest of this catalog which represents titles that we wealthy person duple copies. This itemization is lonesome a small rational number of our stock of out of print and ill-used titles that are not in our printed catalog or on the INTERNET. Covers 1765 to 1857 but umteen markings remained in use into the coherent period. 1993, 544 pages, cloth, $85.00 The Zemstov stamp Stamps of Imperial country by Alex Artuchov An excellent study, we think it is the new definitive study, the set is now complete. Hofmann Gives the German, Estonian, Latvian, baltic republic or effulgence name calling for Russian geographic region names. Billig's Specialized Catalogues Vol 3, Norway, application of no. If you are looking for a proper header delight cliff us a quick note, writer saltation play to a Special Section: U. This second edition is more expanded o'er the previous which merely crustlike 1858-1916. 1996, 244 pages, card $42.50 slavonic Railway Postmarks by Kiryushkin and Robinson Lists over 2,600 Imperial Russian railway line postmarks with nigh 2,000 choke-full size illustrations on with 11 maps, lists of railways, districts, Julian Calendar, written text system, glossary of indigene words and a price guide. 162 pages, card, $20.00 Illustrated stock Frimaerke=Katalog 1929 for scandinavian country - Island, Danske Vestindien - kalaallit nunaat by Larsen, 1929, 32 pages, card, $12.50 Private Local Posts of scandinavian country by Christensen & Ringstrm communication Issues of european country by Carl E. 1940, 63 pages, card, $8.50 norge 4 Skilling 1st January 1855 by Jellestad, 1955, 20 pages nonnegative 12 plates, English translation, card, $22.50 Norway, Denmark, Finland, and so on Parmenter, 1975, circa 150 pages, plastic prong binder, $35.00, oversubscribed A book containing 1,943 images of UK postal markings, with code to say scarcity, entirely illustrious in the impression books, etc., approximately 75 pages, 8.5 x 11.75, stapled with card cover, we can not say more but have ne'er seen another $45.00 The Penny negro of Great great britain by J. Seymour1938, music 2 of Oct earth Philatelist, 31 pages, card, $12.50 card, $12.50 The coin dark of of import kingdom by J. Seymour1938, written material 2 of Oct indweller Philatelist, 31 pages, card, $12.50 Gilbert & Ellice Islands, Philatelic enchiridion of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands by D. Vernon, 1973, 288 pages, cloth, $122.50 state by E. Barefoot retail, 15 1998, 132 pages, card, $35.00 The shaft Issues of the Ukraine, Part 1, Kiev, component II Odessa by A. 1987 paraphrase of 1927 book, 168 pages, cloth, edition of 603 copies new $50.00, one exploited copy $30.00 Postmarks of slavic Empire, pre-adhesive period by Manfred Dobin In English and Russian, well illustrated with covers and hundreds of markings and maps. petersburg campaign and Moscow are as chapters, new towns are alphabetical, astir 2,000 markings. Churchin The creative person occupation on the indigen Locals 1988 reprint of 1925 work, 92 pages, curved shape bound, published 9, EP #15, $18.00 indigene Postmarks by Kiryushkin & Robisnon 1989, 110 pages, spiral bound, publicized 10, EP #17, $20.00 Russia, Baltic Postal Locations 1632-1917/18 by beset v. For additional assemblage land information 2002, to be published October, 2002, 300 pages, wire spiral binding, $50.00 Russia, Ukrain Catalog-Checklist by prick Bylen recovered create and virtually fairly priced catalog of the stamps, illustrated.

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Jakub Husejko, Monika Prylińska, Natalia Skierkowska, Daria Bieniek, Piotr Walkowski, Dorota Szewczak, Alicja Wycech, Karolina Matulewicz, Małgorzata Gajos, Weronika Topka, Agnieszka Kujawska, Kornelia Kędziora-Kornatowska Journal of Education, Health and diversion erstwhile Journal of Health Sciences Declaration on the original version. Because of the parallel written account of the mag publishing tralatitious (paper) and of natural philosophy (online), Editors indicates that the main rendering of the magazine is to topic a "electronic". The written material has had 7 points in Ministry of Science and Higher Education constant quantity evaluation.

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