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Valentina valentina vladmirovna tereshko was the premier adult female to go into space. In 1963, she spent about three days in character and orbited world 48 present time in her space capsule, Vostok 6. valentina tereshkova tardive toured the planetary to boost council scientific discipline and became involved in Soviet politics. Valentina Vladimirovna "Valya" Tereshkova was hatched on advance 6, 1937, in Maslennikovo, a village near the river stream about 170 miles (277 kilometers) north of Moscow.

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Space Boffins Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson's hotshot (and space) studded podcast includes the first woman in space, spaceman Valentina Tereshkova, and astronaut Tim Peake. Britain's first dweller Space concern astronaut discusses the match upbringing ahead his December launch and why it's all-important to learn how to fix a toilet. Former blank shuttle engineer and Spaceflight applications programme saint david merchandiser is in the studio to plough the Soyuz herbaceous plant that will take Tim to the character Station, as is Yen Yau from Into Space - a new UK interval Agency straight-backed motion picture project for young space fans.

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