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Media defender group Parents Television Council is hot on the Louboutin heels of the CW's "OMFG" mercantilism campaign for comment Girl, speech communication it's just too sultry. The fabric and online venture has been heating system up for the former few weeks (you can income a peek here! The assembly takes content in particular, with what they say is a "sexually revealing photo showing a immature boy hugging a girl's cleavage." In a statement, PTC said it "deplores the CW's deliberate use of profanity and unisexual imagery to exploit and boost immoral young viewers." Further, the meeting adds, GG "glamorizes everyday sex and dose use among teens. Storylines rich person featured a would-be young rapist, threesome among teens, and adolescent girls having sex with adults." Gossip young woman and the CW are just the posthumous target, however, of PTC wrath.

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Released a bill poster featuring Blake Lively‘s, character Serena Van der Woodsen, in the, er, suffering of passion. Either that or she was about to let out an astronomic sneeze. The only text on the sign was a simple, but concise “OMFG.” The Parents boob tube council was outraged, calling The CW to job for using, “cleavage kissing to promotional material a kids’ show.”I love the selling team because they never peddle the display as thing another than precisely what it is: a tawdry, teenage soap opera.

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