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As far as pictures speaking a thousand language go, this serial is fashioning quite a a statement. In a bid to natural event down blemish around fauna sexuality, south american packaging photographer and film director Marcos Alberti teamed up with sex toy organisation Smile Makers for the fitly dubbed O Project. Alberti’s tastily done icon series captures 22 women of different ethnicities and nationalities in four stages of feeling - before orgasm, piece masturbating, during climax and aft orgasm.

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Women’s Faces Before, During, And After Orgasm Captured In A Photo Project Made To Normalize Female Sexuality

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Topics of gender are a common tabu in many cultures, peculiarly once it comes to the feminine side of the matter. To break this wall of silence and embarrassment south american nation creative person Marcos Alberti came up with an view that he called The O Project, in which he took pictures of 22 women before, during, and later on orgasm. " 31754, 31755, 24263, 31756]" Topics of gender are a popular sacred in more cultures, especially when it comes to the female line of the matter.

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