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From Kaatje to Kyrenia and everything in between, hundreds of baby female person names starting with the letter K on with the meanings and origin of from each one name. Baby denotative Tip - Create your own special version of baby female child names you same by adding a prefix earlier a name. Ka Lisa = Kalisa, Di calophyllum longifolium = Dimaria, Si Lisa = Silisa.

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Moms Who Think - Unique Baby Names

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Finding alone offspring name calling for your young woman can be interesting, and clip consuming. You faculty condition to look for a reputation that is one of a kind, but that is easier same than done. once searching for unique girl repute for your baby it is of utmost value to ignore those top ten lists!

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Muslim Baby Names: Islamic baby names girl boy name arabic english

Abir (abeer - fragrance) Adiba (adeeba - cultured / cultured) Afaf (afaaf - purity/modesty) Afia (aafiya-vigour/vitality) Afifa (afeefa-honest, upright) Ahlam (ahlaam - dreams) Amal (hope) Amira (ameera - princess) Anbar (ambar - camphor) Areej (fragrance) Arwa (satisfied, pleasant, fresh) Azhaar (flowers) Azizah (azeeza - dear / powerful) Azra (azraa - virgin - used for Maryam/Mary) Badr (full moon) Badriya (full moon-wali) Bahia (bahiya - nice) Bahija (baheeja - happy) Bahja (happiness) Baligha (baleegha - eloquent) Banan (banaan-finger tips) Barirah (bareera-pious, kind) Basha'ir (bashaaer-good tidings) Bashasha (bashaasha-cheerfulness) Bashira (basheera-report of good tiding) Basima (baseema-smiling) Batul (batool - immaculate) Bilqis (bilqees - name of the queen of Sheeba who became religious person at the period of time of Solomon) Budur (full moons) Bushra (good tiding) Cyra (moon) Dalal (dalaal-pampering) Durriyah (durriyyah-brilliant) Fadwa (redemptor, sacrifing) Faiqa (faa-eqa - outstanding, awake) Faiza (victorious) Farah (happiness) Farha (happy) Faryal (faryaal-? ) Fatema (faatima - one sucking her mother's milk) Firdaus (paradise) Ghada (ghaada-young lady) Ghunwah (song) Gulnar (gulnaar-flowery [Persian]) Hafsa (cub) Hajar [haajar - influential person of seer Ismail's mother] Hawwa [Eve] Heba [Gift] hinder (India - standard arabian name) Huriya (hooriya-houri, nymph) Husna (beauty) Ibtihaj (ibtihaaj-happiness) Ibtihal (ibtihaal-supplication) Ibtisam (ibtisaam-smile) Iffat (purity/modesty) Ilham (ilhaam-revelation) Inas (Eenaas-cordiality) Intisar (Intisaar-triumph) Ishraq (ishraaq-radiance) Itidal (I'tedaal-balance) Itimad (I'temaad-trust) Jamila (jameela-beautiful) Janna (garden) Jasmin (yasmin) Jawhara (gem) Juwairiyah (little girl) Kamila (kameela/kaamila-complete) Kausar (reservoir in Paradise) Khadeeja (prophet's[pbuh] wifes, a female child born archaeozoic than it was due to be born) Khansa [pre-Islam arabic language poetess] Khawlah (loneliness) Laila (dark-old Arab name) knockout (pearl-plural) Lulua (pearl -singular) Ma'ali (heights) Mahasin (virtues) Maimuna (lucky, blessed) Mais (proud gait) Maisa (one with cock-a-hoop gait, traveller with disdainful gait) Maisara (comfort, prosperity) Maisun (maysoon / meaning ?

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