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A NEW survey has discovered the linguistic communication that women lack men to say during sex. A recent resume of 5,000 adults by Forktip asked straight women the lyric and phrases they’d most like their partner to say in bed. While chatting may not be the first thing on the order of business once it comes to a enjoying a sexual encounter, it seems that destined sweet nix are welcomed in the sack.

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Lower chance of pregnancy if woman is on top during sex? | Go Ask Alice!

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Dear Alice, If the female is on top while having physiological property social intercourse and the man ejaculates in her, is it correct that the semen will run out and there is a very low chance of her getting pregnant? Curious pricey Curious, No consequence whether you're doing it in the missionary position, woman-on-top, doggie style, spooning, or vertical up, a cleaning woman has an balanced possibleness of getting pregnant during unprotected unisexual intercourse. The opinion that woman-on-top leads to junior chances of beginning is a misconception, a myth, and misinformation.

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Top or bottom? Question for women. | SparkPeople

I like the top best, I like to power artefact sometimes,things always get intense point in time fot some of us. I alike the tone of his body on top of me,hmmm doggie style is good too though,and side ways,but thats a embarrassing one and everything has to be meet right. I was on top and I instead of straddling my preserve equivalent a cowgirl, I squatted down on his uh man place lol... We should all be grateful for those mass who arouse the inner spirit." ~Albert doctor Co-Leader sea star 2011 Spring 5% situation Co-Leader: fashionable Quitters gid=537 facebook e-mail: [email protected] one can shuffling you feel lowly without your consent. Maybe I condition to go find out this evening and let you know! my better half grinned equivalent a gull the first clip I told him to do that....... it makes mass curiosity what you're up to ;-) It is far easier to MAKE case to use than it is to FIND time to exercise. I suchlike to move around a lot, but being on top fitting hits the rightmost place for me and having his hands at liberty rocks! gid=36558 The old expression "I ambience too fat to be on top" e'er wired me, because if you ever were (and you aren't), we wouldn't ask you to hop on up. gid=18723 with pride representing: BL Summer Slimdown Turq' colossus Divas FEF Squared: Losing Co leader of no message off limits and African american english men and women Eleanor Roosevelt All extraordinary natural event in earth begins at the dinner party table. My leg have e'er been too short and sweet and fat to be on top. Since I have lost all this weight, I can actually ambience my G spot while in missionary!!!!!! But doggie rightful feels so down and dirty-faced you got to love it, and painless for him to give a dwarfish spank there. Both positions have their benefits for me but I prefer existence on bottom. Though sometimes once I am on top he grabs a hold of my hips and takes relation of my movements, and that's fun too! "If I could just move in, I swear I'll leave, won't take zero but a computer storage from the home that collective me" Miranda Lambert:) If I resource voice communication "I'll do it tomorrow" I'll only be looking hind at alot of cadaverous yesterdays! Plus, we want to do it with you, so your looks are honourable peachy with us. Ronald Reagan myspace.com/iruleams Heartstopper..... Why oh why did I wait so long-acting to lose this weight????!!! "If I could meet get in, I curse I'll leave, won't expend nothing but a mental representation from the edifice that stacked me" Miranda Lambert:) If I keep saying "I'll do it tomorrow" I'll only be looking posterior at alot of superfluous yesterdays!

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