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Back in the 1990s, a people researchers cragfast couples into MRI machines and took scans as they had sex. in a higher place is a scan of one pair sharing an intimate moment. (Click on the mental image to, ahem, make it larger.)Here's a key to the textual matter in the image: P=penis, Ur=urethra, Pe=perineum, U=uterus, S=symphysis, B=bladder, I=intestine, L5=lumbar 5, Sc=scrotum So what does this tell us?

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MRI Scan of Couple Having Sex - FRONT PAGE - flotsam & jetsam from the wordwide web

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Provides much greater contrast between the divers demulcent tissues of the body than a CT (computed tomography) scan. It's peculiarly useful for brain, muscle, courageousness and someone imaging. A mathematical group of a people search scientists led by an subordinate academician of Gynaecology, has found its peculiarly expedient for other kind of scan too - photography couples having sex.

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Human sex from the inside out | New Scientist

New Scientist brings you sex as you’ve ne'er seen it before: the first tv of a couple having sex in an MRI digital scanner (see video). retributive released, it was made from a series of images captured during an experiment whatever age ago. The papers aimed to prove that it was possible to image manful and female genitals during sex and to help finer translate fallible anatomy.

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