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F the individual sub-plots and story-lines that run below the surface of any male chastity relationship, and one that can’t be denied, is the feeling of some form of chastity humiliation. Any man who ab initio desires and then acquiesces to male chastity is admitting to himself and much importantly, to his Keyholder, that he is in some way under-equipped or just ‘not enough’ to dramatic composition theatrical role of legitimate manhood. Now he may really be of adequate surface and virile in all other way…not inside his head, wherever it genuinely counts.

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When cuckolding entirety properly, the married woman and the delude are on the same page from the begining of the relationship. The married person knows that she deserves large indefinite amount more, sexually, than her inadequate married person can provide for her. So, there is a mutual understanding that the married person purpose be obtaining intersexual gratification outside of the relationship.

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