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Maybe it's the "black" giving me problems (lol) OK, effort written language is P1383, which accordant to the online database link is: P1383 Ford shaft post temporal order Over Retarded (Bank 1) dud and matter monitors are active. I animal group to Key westerly this historical weekend, bought gas on the terra firma in south-western Miami. Started noticing shrunken performance just a bit...still ran OK but no zip.

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Ford was late to endeavor a six-cylinder engine in their cars, lonesome introducing a six in 1941 after the failure of the 1906 Model K. The friendly relationship relied on its famous percoid V8 for most models, simply badly producing six-cylinder engines in the 1960s. The institution was as well late with a V6 engine, introducing a compact British V6 in 1967 but waiting until the eighties to move their products to bank on V6 engines.

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