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VOTE This should be #2 or #3 but not at #7 please body excel its rank! This is a great and revolution song of the angry eyed peas all thee latin Americans love this song. As of 2012 it sold-out over 16.1 1000000 times, Out selling Kesha's Tik Tok, I Gotta Feeling is The sinister popeyed Peas most successful bargain of all time. cracking work - Mason45 A good diatonic scale impartation superb bargain - enclosure Guy I was close to voting Boom Boom pow and Meet me halfway but this just has forcefulness and soulfulness - aido17 This is a precise favourable song, and it deserves to be 2 - micahisthebest thunder bonanza Pow This song of on "1st" glaring in 2009 billboard top-level how can it be so low it should be at littlest at bit vote for it hoi polloi come on. it essential definitely be #1 I love this choice b.e.p member is ap and his rap flight is awesomenow the route gonna turning me oninto the forthcoming cyber trononly quicker exclusive stongertakes the ladies straight longerbecausewe gotta hit that soundwe gotta hit that soundyour looking alike that 808that gold rush godsend in your townand Williamsyo I gotta hit the rhythm of blockgonna hit that part lade I got that john rock and rollthat future flowthat digital spitnext tied visual I got that boom gold rush boomin the futureboom boom boomlet me get it now Just Can't Get Enough This birdcall is so good! You will hit the replay button solon than once on this song. It should be at least public presentation 3 real Cool Song, Has such as a good significant to it! I Gotta Feeling It has an amazing beat, One of the most/best booming Songs in music history/of all time. People who like slower songs can comparable it fair as much as people who like-minded fast songs! Those who don't same it just can't understand the substance of this piece of music - angiospermous tree Ill say this is my optimum Black eyed peas vocal music finished their last 2 albums.

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“We did the party sound — the biggest-you-can-possibly-do party music,” Will. Am says as he sits in a trailer with Black one-eyed Peas mates Taboo and Apl. Ap backstage at Into Action, a 10-day summit of music, art and policy that kicked off in Los Angeles on Friday (Jan. The quality this time is the songs are not album tracks with pop party anthems in the forefront. ” These are not the dark sharp-eyed Peas of “Let’s Get It Started” and “My Humps.” Now a trio, the Peas’ to the highest degree recent merchandise is the powerful anti-poverty and racism-themed “Street Livin’,” which the New dynasty present called, “An accusal of systematic racial oppression: poor education, police force killings, fierce neighborhoods and flooding incarceration rates.” Songs of social consciousness are not new for the Peas. living thing in touch with the times, the trio understands fans want songs that have a pass far now.

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