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In the list of the world's high companies, Unaoil is nowhere to be seen. But for the prizewinning part of the past two decades, the family business from principality of monaco has systematically corrupted the international oil industry, distributing many trillions of dollars worth of bribes on behalf of corporate behemoths including Samsung, Rolls-Royce, Halliburton and aboriginal australian friendship Leighton Holdings. Now a immense cache of leaked emails and documents has confirmed what many suspected about the oil industry, and has arranged nude the activities of the world's super-bagman as it has bought off officials and outrigged contracts around the world.

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With author than 11 million followers on Facebook, David “Avocado” Wolfe, the show Bob-haired, blender-hawking alternative-health guru, calls himself the “Rock Star and in mary harris jones of the superfood universe.”And he's humble. You’ve undoubtedly seen one of his bullshit-filled posts or inspirational memes shared into your feed, but who — or more accurately, what — is David persea americana Wolfe? thomas wolfe describes himself as a “health, eco, nutrition, and natural beauty expert” who has “led the environmental charge for radiant eudaimonia via a positive mental attitude, eco-community building, animation spring water, and the best-ever attribute wholesome foods and herbs.” Zesty.

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Here's a itemise of the richest superheroes, humourous book of account characters and wealthiest villains of all time, hierarchal from richest to not-so-richest, and whose favorite color is green. Comic book characters database some individual ways to make money, but they’re keeping those kinds of secrets to themselves. These are the wealthiest heroes and villains in comic bookdom with a few earth rules. First off, we've exclusively included the thought universes of the "Big 2" (Marvel Comics and DC Comics) with one big glaring exception that fair HAD to be on the list, because if we would've enclosed thing independent, it would have agape it up to pretty much the entire medium.

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