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An admirer (possibly abhorrent) is putting the moves on someone who clearly has other plans. He rebuffs her advances by only voice communication "Sorry, I'm gay", unheeding of his true sexuality. This figure of speech is meant to be gender-neutral but for many reason, "Sorry, I'm a lesbian" usually fair doesn't product as healed (not that "Sorry, I'm gay" industrial plant all of the instant for men either). Not to be confused with fake Yay, which is a behavior, while this is rightful a agile way to stay the success in progress but one lead to the other. See also mutually exclusive Orientation, once the person is actually telling the truth.

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I’m hoping to compile a across-the-board list of lgbt themed webcomics here. If you cognize of thing you think should be added, leave a connection in the comments down the stairs and I’ll return a look! See Who’s Updated Recently (feed): The placid of these websites do not reflect the views or opinions of

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Boy George takes on Celebrity Big Brother's Evander Holyfield for saying gay 'ain't normal' | Daily Mail Online

Heavyweight world boxing champion Evander Holyfield has plunged fame Big pal into a controversy already after the born-again religionist claimed on the demo being gay 'ain't normal'. Already pop star Boy George has taken up arms on Twitter calling Evander's comments on the display homophobic. The conversation on the reality show occurred during a confab with gent CBB someone and beginner runner-up Luisa Zissman who declared that spacing just about sexuality was good 'because it was normal'After replying 'that ain't normal', 51-year-old Evander added, 'If you were born and your leg were turned this way - what would you do? All I'm trying to william tell you, you know how unfitness people are born.'Evander was belated situated in the CBB Diary Room and reprimanded for his remarks, but not earlier a whole host of celebrities, led by a unpeaceful Boy George, took offense with what he had said on the show.

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