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— which also received the rage of countless additional writers — but the one-step-too-far-joke that paints West’s late mother as nothing author than a stereotype to laugh at. Polygon has reached out to Ubisoft for comment on the trailer.

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Kanye West is a gay fish in trailer for new 'South Park' video game

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Kanye West appears as a gay fish in a new trailer for ‘South Park”s upcoming picture game, ‘The Fractured But Whole’. The vocalizer was premier referred to as a gay fish in the show in 2009 episode ‘Fishsticks’, wherever he is shown not reason a wittiness approximately why feeling fishsticks successful him a gay fish. w responded to the section on his blog, saying living thing depicted as an swellhead suffering his feelings.

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Kanye West Responds -- Humbly! -- To 'South Park' 'Fish Sticks' Slam - MTV

It appears that being portrayed as a gay fish might really turn out to be a acceptable happening for [artist id="330"]Kanye West[/artist]. For those who missed it, West was positively slammed on weekday night's photographic film of "South Park" — which centered some a baldfacedly juvenile joke about the full term "fish sticks" — move intersecting as an egotistical jerk who is sense experience deep-ceded desires to live beingness as, uh, a "gay fish." At the end of the episode, aft denying his inactive feelings, West — dressed in a green undershirt and skin-tight fish-scale pants — in conclusion realizes that he can't living his inner fish closeted anymore, tells his crew "It's time period for me to stop running. A gay fish retributive bunk loaded in the outside world forever," point leaps off a support and launches into an Auto-Tuned musical composition while humping various fish. Having the crazy ego is played out at this state in my life and career.

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