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Mexico welcomes everyone with wide-open blazon and a warmed smile. united mexican states offers abundance of destinations for gay couples and singles. But, Mexico will welcome you with the same love reserved for straights. It is one of the well-nigh gay-friendly countries in the world.

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Mad Over Mérida: Columbus Couple Follows Dream in Gay-Friendly Mexican Town (May 2013) - OUTLOOK OHIO MAGAZINE

When my domestic partner and I were sensing for a time of year warm-weather destination, we early thoughtful a geographical area cruise. And we were instantaneously sold-out by beguiling images of a attractively restored 250-year-old Spanish colonial home clean with a breathless centric courtyard, an inviting water area and spacious, homelike rooms. And in the shining yucatan peninsula city of Mérida, you’ll find a latterly transplanted Columbus brace eager to host you. Plus, it’s a gay-friendly vacation end to boot.

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