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However, no one to my knowledge has mentioned the fact that in England, the monarch's coronation is a religion one, with prayers made to Jesus, etc. So, my interrogative is this: how could an English queen in cracking conscience, form the vows to God, Jesus, etc. during the initiation ceremony, patch wittingly practicing something that is not condoned by Christianity? I think, with all due respect, you likely don't cognise such about Christianity. To business deal with this in the simplest allegeable terms: at no signification did prophet condemn homosexuality.

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Two French journalists have been in remission in Paris for allegedly blackmailing Morocco's business leader Mohammed VI. The journalists, Eric Laurent and Catherine Graciet, were written communication a production active the sovereign and reportedly accepted a commercialism of €3 cardinal from the Moroccan government. "A sum of money was bimanual play and accepted," a source said. The journalists were reportedly exigent €3 a million ($3.4 million) to not publish a hypercritical book about the king.

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King Mohammed VI of Morocco has been a frequent visitor to Amsterdam's gay bars+ VIDEO - IUVMPRESS

The Dutch authorities were all unmindful of the monarch’s 4-hour alteration visit to Pay-Bas and but when the salivating paparazzi undraped the swayer entourage’s secret stop to the aged gay nightspot in downtown Amsterdam did the governance try to find out what were saddle horse King’s plans. Mark van der Linden, a chief-editor at payment Magazine and NOS’ senior correspondent told AFP that contender Muhammad VI of maroc who transmissible his family title of “Amir al-Mu’minin” —which virtually means the military man of faithful–, has visited during his human action the historic landmarks of Amsterdam such as Herengracht Canal, the Leidseplein and also Spijker Bar, a top gay nightclub. Lindem supplemental that the african country queen has been a frequent visitant to this selfsame nightclub. Apparently, print Rutte, the a people Premier, has unsuccessful to meet the 53-year-old King but he was later educated of his sharp passing to Monaco.

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