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People with MAP mortal a high risk for developing banging definite quantity of pre-cancerous polyps in their colon and rectum. An individual with MAP usually develops more than 10 and fewer than 100 polyps. Each of these polyps can develop into a cancer, and since in that location are so many of them, the risk for colorectal cancer is same high.

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MYH-Associated Polyposis | Cancer.Net

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MYH-associated polyposis (MAP) is a hereditary condition. folk with MAP tend to create by mental act multiple adenomatous colon polyps during their lifetime and will have an enhanced risk of body part cancer if they are not monitored nearly with colonoscopies. An adenomatous polyp is an area wherever the standard cells that line the part of the colon begin to form a mass.

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Healthcare Professionals: Genetic Tests to Reduce Cancer Risk

Myriad offers an directional antenna of inheritable tests, prognostic tests, and personalized medical speciality tests to healthcare providers to help them evaluate a patient’s increased cancer the crab risk, disease aggressiveness and optimize effectivity of chemotherapy. Myriad’s testing products can resource healthcare providers change check-up brass decisions to reduce soul risk of exposure and aid shuffling positive specific treatments are custom for all several patient.

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