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Wampum are orthodox dedicated ammo beading of the easterly Woodland tribes of teh indigenous people of Nnorth north american nation characterized by better-looking purplish and creamy white stones.

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Wampum is a string of white shell round shape designed from the North ocean channeled seasnail (Busycotypus canaliculatus) shell, and is traditionally put-upon by native Americans, archetypal Nations peoples, home-grown Americans, hobbyists, business people, and traders, who regarded it as a sacred or trade symbolic of the value of the artist's work. gelt is also put-upon for engagement, marriage, and ritual agreements, as well as for ceremony and condolence ceremonies. The light natural covering beading of the whelk symbolized interior energies of peace, harmony, and contentment.

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For many period it was a key currency utilized in the colonial times. The royal ones were particularly prized, as in that location was only a small concept of the covering that could be exploited to make them. Wealthy Indians and flat-bottom colonists would feature belts and sashes of wampum.

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