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ABSTRACT: Melanomas of the vulva and vagina make up lower than 2% of melanomas in women. tho' their biological behavior appears to be similar to that of cutaneous melanoma, female genitals and vaginal melanomas appear to have a different etiology. Women presenting with pigmented vulvar lesions should undergo expedited interrogatory and full-thickness biopsy.

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Small topographic point or bumps on vagina can ring alarm bells in most women's minds. Whatever the legal proceeding may be, obtaining medical exam proposal is acceptable when detecting duct bumps and spots. This is because any disfigurement in the epithelial duct sphere causes much concern. If ignored, this could lead to more sincere problems. both of them may be due to straightforward causes specified as allergies while others may be due to sexually transmitted diseases. Having a proper consciousness of the symptoms of these conditions may service when identifying the causal agent of the problem. in that location are instances once these cysts form on the genitalia.

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Went to gyn for PAP concluding week and he found a dark triangular sized marking wherever the labia minora ran into at the bottom (called the "fourchette"). I am scheduled for a punch biopsy the day after next to "rule out melanoma". I detected this mark at that place inside the concluding period or so but sentiment nonentity of it because it didn't hurt. I as well have mild on again/off again haptic sensation higher up my erectile organ which late started. (I newly had a bartholin's gland sac distant (marsupialization) on 9/30/09 and had a LEEP through in 1991, at which moment I was diagnosed with HPV). Has anyone else out there of all time had or acknowledge of someone who has had a similar question and, if so, what was the outcome??

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