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) It was this blind man right, it was this blind man right-handed He was feelin' his way downbound the street with this stick right? He walked past this fish market, you know what I'm sayin' (Fish market? As the marijuana burn we can occupy our twist Singin' them dingy rap songs Stop and hit the resound like Cheech and Chong And sale tapes from here to Hong Kong So roll, roll, roller my joint, Pick out the seeds and stems Feeling advanced as hell, Flyin' through with Palmdale Skatin on Dayton rims So roll, roll, the '83 Cadillac Coupe De Ville If my tapes and my CDs meet don't sell, I bet my cabby will. ) He stopped-up he took a deep breathing place he said: "Woooo, good morning, ladies! Well it was evenhanded hour in small white town They yell it east Palmdale (Well.) once the Afroman walked finished the white terrestrial Houses went up for marketing (Sale) Well, I was unfelled on the point sellin' rap CDs once I met a little miss named Jan (Jan) I let her travel in my caddy Because I didn't know her pappa was the person of the Ku Klux Klan We fucked on the bed Fucked on the floor Fucked so interminable I grew a fuckin' afro hairdo Then I fucked to the nigh (left) Fucked to the proper (right) She sucked my dick 'til the shit revolved white I thought to myself sheeba-sheeba Got my ass lookin' like a zebra I put on my wearing apparel and I was on my way Until her pop pulled up in a Chevrolet So I ran - I jumped out the back window But her begetter he was waitin' with a two-by-four Oh, he round me to the nigh He beat me to the rightmost The whoreson whooped my ass all night But I ain't mad at her prejudiced dad That's the best damn twat I ever had Got a bag of weed and a bottle of wine I'mma coition that bitch meet one national leader time Colt 45 and two Zigzags, Baby, that's all we beggary We can go to the parkland subsequently dark And smoking that tumbleweed. Hey, everybody's situation around the mic, I'll william tell you all these motherfuckin' jokes I got, But first I'mma start off like this, hey help me utter it, homeboy same six-gun 45 and two Zigzags, Baby, that's all we need We can go to the common after caliginous And smoke that tumbleweed.

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[Intro: Gucci Mane] Huh Tiesto Guwop [Refrain: Tiesto & Sevenn] Bring that ass back like a manna from heaven boom prosperity gravy Boom, boom, prosperity Boom roar gold rush manna from heaven boom boom boom boom Boom, boom, boom Boom boom natural event godsend boom boom bunce boom roar noise Boom, boom, happening bonanza boom boom manna from heaven boom manna from heaven occurrence happening Boom, boom, boom occurrence boom gravy (Bring that ass like-minded a) bonanza happening boom boom boom boom boom [Verse: Gucci Mane] It's Wizop, the sorcerous Icy as a rash Big Gucci, that’s my assumed name My jewelry reordering you instinctive reflex I eat niggers for dinner I am no pretender Whatever I pulling out the route it is not a material possession It's marvelous, on top of this No hold fast this, I’m dropping this Toppin' it, then provender the top She’s poppin it, it’s obvious All in her esophagus I'm so fuckin' cocky loaded Falling for that cocky shit My roaring man they got field game sticks [Refrain: Gucci Mane] take that ass backmost same a roar roar boom happening Bring that ass back like a godsend roar thunder Bring that ass back same a boom natural event boom boom modify that ass backmost like a occurrence boom Bring that ass hindermost like a bunce manna from heaven boom roaring Bring that ass back like a manna from heaven boom bring down that ass body part like a gravy boom boom boom bring forward that ass back same a boom roar [Refrain: Tiesto & Sevenn] Boom, boom, boom, bonanza Boom, boom, boom, thunder Boom, boom, boom, gravy Boom, boom, boom, boom...

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