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This dad is getting everything set up in front going on a family unit period of time trip and as usual, his spouse and daughter have odd everything up to him, but that is not ever a bad thing. He’s hauling their baggage in the car, when his daughter’s optimal acquaintance passes by and asks him if he can assist her with her bike’s flat tire. She explaines to him that she likes to hold it in her ass as decoration. When the teen girl malady over to show him, he notices that not only is she not wearing any panties underneath that lean skirt, she’s got one of these butt plugs with bling on them stuffed in her choky asshole!!!!! Turns out his daughter’s friend is a little bit of a bitch, and since his wife and daughter are not around, he decides to have a little bit of fun with her.

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Dvilonyashoulda 23 minutes ago literal STORY FROM TRUCKING A mates life ago I was caught in a traffic jam around federal government DC. A mini van had crept up next to my window, obviously a family on vacation. Dad was driving, Mom was close to him, bitching at him similar the conception traffic jam was his fault. Behind mom and dad, a male sibling and sister, pre teens, were watching a movie on the dvd player, the sound of mom and dad blocked out by head phones.

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