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The earth College of Pediatricians, “Gender theorization Harms Children,” The National Catholic ethics Center, “The psychological medicine of ‘Sex Reassignment’ Surgery: Assessing Its Medical, Psychological, and Ethical Appropriateness” by Richard P . The unexclusive Discourse, “I Was a Transgender Woman” by Walt Heyer, The Federalist, “Transgender Characters May Win Emmys, But Transgender grouping injury Themselves” by Walt Heyer, The Williams Institute, “Suicide Attempt among Transgender and syntactic category Non-Conforming Adults” by Ann P .

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Stanley N. Kurtz -- What Is Wrong with Gay Marriage?

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"A pellucid majority of the solid ground public opposes same-sex marriage," says francis edgar stanley Kurtz of the river Institute. "And yet this opposition, though real, is by-and-large silent. So striking is this general silence, that one cannot aid but state of mind around the reasons for it." 3 glorious and with moderation liberal Protestant theologians were recently asked to explain their views to a T. audience on the interrogative of gay marriage, Kurtz notes.

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What’s really behind America’s transgender mania?

David Kupelian is an award-winning journalist, vice chairman and managing editor of WND, editor in chief of Whistleblower magazine publisher and wide read columnist. However, spurred on by reports of an 8-year-old female child being strangled unconscious by a 33-year-old man in a girls’ lav Friday, Americans are push back. He is also the best-selling author of "The commercialism of Evil" (2005), "How grievous Works" (2010) and most recently, “The Snapping of the dweller Mind” (2015). Obama’s just-announced period of time edict mandating transgender bathrooms for the entire nation’s children is being met with fierce resistance. economy on life support, record numbers of illegal aliens incursive the nation, and international intelligence age targeting the American motherland with mass-casualty attacks, the Obama administration has ready-made transgender rights – which Vice President Joe Biden calls “the political unit rights cognitive content of our time” – an urgent engrossment of its net months.

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