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Counselors, psychologists and social-workers are normally pinioned to confidentiality. flat if you grasp a gun to their head, they intent not let on the familiar details of anyone’s ain life. However, fact of a new shocking and shameless sexual vogue in the Muslim people are forcing them to break out of their shell, and warn, in broad terms, of an flagitious that flush the devil himself is shy to practice, but Muslims have seized to.

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Question: I am happily united to my better half for 11 years. My siblings and I usually get together along with our spouses. However, sometimes it happens where we are all sitting in the equal room, either eating or in the living room. once we gather, we try as much as possible to sit separately. I try to prevent it as untold as possible, but for some sanity it happens beyond my control, particularly if we are at my brother’s house.

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I am desperately hoping that in sha Allah you faculty be able to give me whatever advice. I am a new Muslimah and am still learnedness around the accumulation of Islam and am in a situation where I do not recognize whether what my husband is telling me to do is haram/makrooh/zina. He had us all three lying in bed together and some of us cuddled up to him, while he insisted that we were naked. He will be remarrying his ex-wife as soon as she gets single from her alienated husband. There were nowadays once he successful us give away our status to each past and he would osculation and stroke us in front of each other in this state. He talk about us all mutuality one bed three nights a week when we unrecorded together. I want to please my husband, but I do not want to anger supreme being to do it.

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