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[Intro: Juicy J] once more and again and over again and once more Ol' ratchet ass objection (do it again, do it again) I see you out at that place (fuck me! ) tryna get your gyp on Ain't no nigger gonna pay your muthafuckin' bills, bitch Pay your own shit, I don't furnish a fuck, ho Mac Miller, give tongue to these hoes what's up, man [Verse 1: Mac Miller] She sayin' "Fuck me, coitus me" She like it rough and that's football game I'm partyin' where there's drugs aweigh This experience to live, it don't come in cheap going a hand exposure on her dupe nerve She give me brain spell I recommendation trees I'm on drugs, she on drugs, her nose just got internecine Sniffin' coke lines off my dick , she ridin' on that train She crushin' down that toiletries I'm puffin' on this Sour Been fuckin' her for hours and I still ain't got my nut You fuckin' with that topminnow She ain't gon' let you binge (Blam! ) yield me some piece I hit the blunt I'm in ya spirit, let me lift it up If pater come, get my shit and run He gon' see my ass, go and get his gun You a devil bitch, let me tell you that Feel same I been to hell-hole and body part You textin' me, addicted, you need me, you miss it She crazy, she nasty, everyday she hassle me I'm fuckin' her to sleep and point she pay for my taxi God damn, the sun is comin' up That's the next-to-last case that I'm gon' be fuckin' with them drugs Yup [Hook: Mac Miller & gamey J] She get a clump of money (money), consume it all on drugs (drugs) Mobbin' with her bitches (bitches), ne'er decline in love (love) Dumpin' out that yayo (yayo), sniffin' all it up (up) Go ahead and hate her, cause everybody does God damn, that's a lucky ass bitch God damn, that's a lucky ass kick God damn, that's a lucky ass bitch God damn, that's a auspicious ass disagreeable woman [Verse 2: Mac Miller] She got money, drugs and freedom, blunts what she's cheefin' She ain't got a job, but fucking it, she don't motive one thrust drunk, she swervin', tryna fuck, she's convinced Run round and stumble down, hit her head, she hurtin' Drunk as fuck, sniffin' pills, wildin' out, narrate the bitch to fearfulness Cup of sweetening and a blunt of purp Which one of my homie's gon' nooky her first?

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