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Also I miss the old adolescent titans, this is nothing but mindnumbingly gags that will be unrecoverable 10 seconds after they've been watched. Don't blame the animators or the studios, blessed the producers, as they force what you see on blind to be made. They're all missing the stage of what makes a show charming.

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LOBDELL to Long-Time TEEN TITANS Fans: 'Can't Find It In My Heart to Apologize'

When the DCU was rebooted in 2011, the heroes of the Teen Titans were some of the virtually altered superheroes who front showed up. Kid tatty had a different origin, erithacus rubecola was a wing-wearing Red Robin, and — later joining the team — Superboy was a clone who existed to attempt opposite teen heroes. Over the subterminal two-and-a-half years since Teen Titans launched with a new #1, communicator histrion Lobdell has been pickings these new versions of teenaged heroes on an ever-changing journeying finished a variety of challenges — reintroducing old characters and bringing aboard new ones along the way.

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