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When it comes to movies and TV shows, mental illness is rarely given in a way that is actually relatable to many an family who actually undergo from mental illnesses. But whether a word picture of mental illness is on the offensive or implausibly well done, one state of affairs is constant: It’s hard to brainwave roles in which young women are pictured as sufferers. presented the mark that surrounds mental illness, it’s so important that we see representations of mental health problem that are actual to life.

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Is a pic around kids in high school, relationships, and melodious to your heart’s content. But just because a movie has teenagers in it doesn’t mingy that it covers adolescence accurately. While there are tons of movies out thither that explore teen issues, it doesn’t necessarily nasty that these are “real” issues that many adolescents face.

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Drugs, sex, alcohol: the perfect direction for the party-crazed teenager so rife in pop culture. Society has big so wonted to this disinclined mental representation that aspects of what many teenagers actually do — take multiple AP courses, stay inside to scrutiny for the SATs and care for their younger siblings — are entirely ignored. In short, the portrait that high society has represented of the medium juvenile person is flawed, displaying delusive stereotypes that experience transform too universally accepted.

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