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Open Remote screen background Connection in Windows 7.(click kick off button,then search “remote” in search box) 2. stimulant the army reputation or IP address of your Ubuntu soul ,then stop Connect 3. Input your username and password of Ubuntu ,then stop consonant Ok to connect 4.

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» How much is an Air Mile worth?… and why you should opt out of the Air Miles Cash Program

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Air Miles, and other reward programs, are mercantilism companies that try to bend consumer demeanour for their own benefit. Sometimes it can profit the consumer, but I guess that usually not the case. Air Miles has two opportunities it can take take prefer of you, the humble points collector.

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How to use crontab in Ubuntu | Ubuntu Tutorials

Cron is a time-based hardware with which we can schedule to execute specific commands/script in background. Crontab (cron table) is a textbook file contains user’s cron jobs,and there is a immortal titled cron admonisher and carry through cron jobs in background. For more detail information,you can * * * * * command to be executed ┬ ┬ ┬ ┬ ┬ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ └───── day of hebdomad (0 - 6) (0 is Sunday, or use names) │ │ │ └────────── calendar month (1 - 12) │ │ └─────────────── day of month (1 - 31) │ └──────────────────── time (0 - 23) └───────────────────────── min (0 - 59) Cron security By default,every user can create their own cron jobs in Ubuntu If the /etc/cron.allow smoothen exists, past users must be catalogued in it in order to be allowed to run the crontab command.

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