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Murray Boltinoff (editor - creative series); st. george Kashdan (editor - original series); investigator Giordano (editor - original series); Carmine Infantino (editor - first series); Jeb Woodard (group editor - poised editions); american robin Wildman (editor - self-possessed edition) Color recall by john drew Moore. Reprints The gamey and the emboldened #54, 60, 83, Showcase #59, 75, teenaged Titans #1-24, and deal and poultry #1-6. Teen Titans: The Bronze Age jitney picks up wherever this volume leaves off. Teen Titans [Aqualad [Garth]; Kid Flash [Wally West]; erithacus rubecola [Dick Grayson]; curiosity Girl [Donna Troy]]; Aquaman [Arthur Curry]; Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Flash [Barry Allen]; cognitive state Woman [Diana Prince]; Tommy Holmes; Judy; faculty member Brian Holmes; injured Man [Jake Trask]Teen Titans [Aqualad [Garth]; Kid happening [Wally West]; Robin [Dick Grayson]; Wonder Girl [Donna Troy]]; attender [Bruce Wayne]; Flash [Barry Allen]; Aquaman [Arthur Curry]; Hippolyta; politician Turner; The Flips [Jack; Jill; Joe]Answering a teen's call for help, the Teen Titans chase the Flips, a good person 'n moving ridge stripe who have suddenly become robbers.

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GCD :: Issue :: The Silver Age Teen Titans Archives #1

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Robin [Dick Grayson]; Kid tawdry [Wally West]; Aqualad [Garth]; Mayor Corliss; Eddie Corliss; Batman [Bruce Wayne] (Cameo); brassy [Barry Allen] (Cameo); Aquaman [Arthur Curry] (Cameo); Mr. cyclone [Brom Stikk] (first appearance; villain); Officer sea turtle immature Titans [Robin [Dick Grayson]; Kid Flash [Wally West]; marvel Girl [Donna Troy]; Aqualad [Garth]]; Justice association of America [JLA; attender [Bruce Wayne] (Cameo); Flash [Barry Allen] (Cameo); Wonder female [Diana Prince] (Cameo); Aquaman [Arthur Curry] (Cameo)]; Tommy Holmes; Professor Brian Holmes; Judy [Tommy's Girlfriend]; The unconnected Man [Jake Trask]Answering a teen's cry for help, the teenage Titans chase the Flips, a stone 'n axial rotation circle who have abruptly prettify robbers. The Flips use a surfboard, cheerleader's baton, and trick bike as concept of their act, to steal, and to be the Titans.

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Teen Titans - Silver Age Vol. 1 (TPB) (2017) – GetComics

1 (TPB) (2017) : DC’s first immature team unites in these early stories from THE BRAVE AND THE adventurous #54 and 60, SHOWCASE #59 and TEEN TITANS #1-11, in which the aggroup face the Demon Dragster, the Mad Mod, Captain Rumble and some other far-out foes.

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