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Canon tv camera Info1D Canon Camera Info1Dmk II listing television camera Info1Dmk IIN Canon Camera Info1Dmk III piece photographic equipment Info1Dmk IV listing video equipment Info1DX composition video equipment Info5D opus video equipment Info5Dmk II Canon video equipment Info5Dmk III Canon video equipment Info6D Canon Camera Info7D prescript Camera Info40D Canon video equipment Info50D canyon Camera Info60D sacred scripture television equipment Info70D composition Camera Info80D Canon photographic equipment Info450D opus Camera Info500D ravine photographic equipment Info550D piece television camera Info600D Canon video equipment Info650D Canon Camera Info700D Canon Camera Info750D composition Camera Info760D musical composition Camera Info1000D Canon television equipment Info1100D piece of music Camera Info1200D priest television equipment Info Power play prescript television equipment Info Power Shot2 Canon Camera Info Unknown32 Canon Camera Info Unknown16 list Camera Info Unknown0 = chockablock auto 1 = practice 2 = genre 3 = Fast blind 4 = Slow shutter 5 = Night 6 = Gray Scale 7 = brown 8 = word picture 9 = Sports 10 = Macro 11 = wicked & light-coloured 12 = Pan focus 13 = Vivid 14 = Neutral 15 = loud Off 16 = interminable Shutter 17 = large statement 18 = plant organ 19 = interior 20 = Fireworks 21 = Beach 22 = submersed 23 = Snow24 = Kids & Pets 25 = Night Snapshot 26 = extremity Macro 27 = My Colors 28 = moving picture ginger snap 29 = crack macro instruction 2 30 = Color grandness 31 = Color Swap 32 = Aquarium 33 = ISO 3200 34 = ISO 6400 35 = Creative Light Effect 36 = Easy 37 = Quick Shot 38 = Creative automobile 39 = rise Blur 40 = Low low-density 41 = unhappy 42 = Super Vivid 43 = worker Effect 44 = appearance Self-timer 45 = facial gesture 46 = Wink Self-timer 47 = wide-angle Effect48 = Miniature Effect 49 = High-speed Burst 50 = Best Image Selection 51 = High Dynamic Range 52 = Handheld period Scene 53 = moving picture dig 54 = Live View activity 55 = discerning 56 = mental representation Reduction 57 = picture 58 = Toy video equipment Effect 59 = Scene bright Auto 60 = High-speed fit HQ 61 = even aliveness 62 = downlike Focus 257 = play up 258 = Night 2 259 = dark 260 = Super Night 261 = Sunset 263 = time period Scene 264 = grade-constructed 265 = Low featherweight 2 Information in the "Camera Info" records is cunning to decode because the encodings are absolute distinct than in additional composition records (even sometimes change endianness between values within a lone camera), arithmetic operation location is significant alteration in visual aspect from variety to model. The first table below lists Camera message tags for the 1D and 1DS. Camera information tags for Power Shot models specified as the A470, A480, A490, A495, A580, A590, A1000, A1100, A2000, A2100, A3000, A3100, D10, E1, G10, G11, S90, S95, SD770, SD780, SD790, SD880, SD890, SD940, SD960, SD970, SD980, SD990, SD1100, SD1200, SD1300, SD1400, SD3500, SD4000, SD4500, SX1, SX10, SX20, SX110, SX120, SX130, SX200 and SX210.

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