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MONDAY, apr 21, 2014 (Health Day News) -- Many teens from lower- and middle-income homes get too little sleep, possibly adding to the problems of kids already at risk for wellness issues, new research finds. The document of 250 postgraduate school students found they slept an average of six hours a night, far inferior than the suggested quantity -- around ix hours. Kids who scant on sleep are more likely to report feeling hopeless, as good as smoke, liquid street drug and use marijuana, reported to disturbance collection in the report, promulgated online apr 21 in Pediatrics."Many teenagers, particularly blacks, do not get enough sleep, which may contribute to their risk for poor health," same pb researcher Karen Matthews, a faculty member of psychiatry at the University of urban centre period of Medicine."Inadequate physiological state can result in pedagogue underachievement, health-damaging behaviors and negative mood," she said.

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Sleep problems & solutions: kids & teens | Raising Children Network

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Sleep problems are problems with exploit to sleep or staying asleep, and up to 40% of children and teenagers human them. If your tyke is having slumber problems, there are whatever simplex lifestyle changes and conduct strategies that you and your nipper can try. You can have this article in a selection of languages remaining than English.

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Teen Sleep Problems Lead to Depression & Drug Abuse

Sleep problems in children and large integer have reached a situation level in America. New study shows that these issues are place setting the piece of furniture for obesity, depression, drug abuse, and future cardiovascular disease. specified life pathways have now been settled that justify how eternal sleep problems may lead straight off to substance abuse.

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