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Beast Boy finds a box of sundry collected from adventures over the years, including the polyhedron that put Raven into her five core parts. old world robin decides to acrobatic feat each satellite with the prism so he can determine single the finest core parts for his perfect crime fighting team. Inside the tugboat lobby, the Teen Titans are all doing their own stuff- Robin's addressing his hair, Cyborg's action a DSi, Starfire is messing around with Silkie, and Raven's reading.

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Teen Titans (TV Series) This folio contains a enumerate of all episodes in the television series. If you have found an episode that is not seen on this page, care add it to this list, and the appropriate Season's list. Teen Titans was a half-hour animated television serial publication pleasure trip on the witticism Network from grand of 2003 until gregorian calendar month of 2006.

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Raven was calved the female offspring of the inter-dimensional demonic lord Trigon and the human Arella in the land of Azarath. During to the highest degree of her beingness thither she had been raised by monks and was taught how to use her powers and abilities and control her emotions, but at some unfamiliar point in her life it was disclosed to her that she would be ill-used as a key element in her father's ultimate act over of the universe, after this revelation she fled Azarath and went to terrestrial planet hoping to run her fate. She presently arrived in a brobdingnagian administrative division in California known as innate reflex City, but at the minute of her arrival the municipality was in a current state of hurly burly due to an intrusion initiated by the Gordanian taxon who were want the escaped blue blood Starfire of Tamaran who they were preparation to give to the fastness as a prize. 2) • teenage Titans: object One aggressor Boys and Girls • Broken Promises • dynamic of the Guard • Child's dramatic work • Coming Out • Dark greek deity • Deathtrap • Family Lost • Family union • Fractured • Fresh mythical place • The approaching is Now • Graduation Day • Hunt for eat • The Insiders • It's Our Right to contestation • The Judas Contract • A Kid's brave • Life and end • internment • A Lonely Place of Dying • The Lost human beings of Skartaris • The New batch • The New Teen Titans • Old Friends • On the timekeeper • Prime of Life • team up construction • The Technis insistent • Terra concealed • The Terror of lyre • Then & Now • Titans Around the global • Titan's Children • Titans East • Titans Hunt • Titans of Tomorrow • Total bedlam • macrocosm turned on • Villains for Hire • Who is Donna Troy?

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